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Whetstone Trainers endeavour to impart knowledge and to guide in the practical application of the same.

In sharpening and transforming individuals, we ensure that the process is practical in nature without discounting the importance of personal development principles.

We offer person-centered training resulting in an abundant life. The greatest need for both organizations and individuals is the ability to seize opportunities
Transforming lives through Conscious Awareness creation, Inspirational and Motivational programs, Mindset Reprogramming and Soft Skills training.

To become the leading trainers in transforming people into productive and well rounded individuals
  • Equip participants with Soft skills ie in Selling, Speech, Business Etiquette, Personal Finance, Mindset Reprogramming, personal branding and work-life balance, that will help them in both their career and personal lives;
  • Transform lives to goal-focused, effective and productive living;
  • Align personal goals and objectives to institutional visions and missions, and
  • Train and coach people to manifest, achieve and live-out dreams, through the use of digital training methodologies, that are unique, interactive and easy to use.
Our Objectives
  • To endear learning as a lifelong experience including at the work environment;
  • To align training and learning to specific business
  • To guide participants to maximise available resources and thereby create satisfying and fulfilling lives
Our Approach
Our Training

Meet The Team

The combined experience of the trainers that cumulatively spans well over half a century in their respective fields, will be focused on the individual participant, giving him or her the total benefit in a concentrated course to enable that person to transform enough to develop an attitude of self esteem and confidence.

Wambugu Kemoche - Team Leader

Mr. Kemoche has been involved in training for more than two decades. Hes been an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and headed various CSR activities.

Kemoche is a Human Growth and Potential Coach, Inspiration Speaker and Personal Development trainer.

This includes talent growth, identification and articulating wrong mindsets, life barriers and providing means to overcome them through goal setting, auto-suggestion and affirmation, the creation of web-based and portable ‘mind movies’, which help visualize and materialize dreams of life.

Kemoche is a graduate in ICT (BBIT), Mechanical Engineering and Entrepreneurship. He is an accomplished and experienced Web-based Applications developer, an accomplished OHS trainer and ICT Project Management Consultant.

Mbugua Kamau

Mr. Mbugua is a social scientist with over 10 years hands-on experience in capacity building in various aspects. He carries these out in government institutions, private corporations, schools as well as individual and personalised life coaching sessions.

His prowess in ICT has seen him emerge as a much sought after Data Analyst. He continuously conducts Monitoring and Evaluation and programme reviews across the projects divide. He stands out as researcher and report writer per excellence.

Mbugua is adept in Team building. He has a passion for Personal Development which has seen him stand out as a Life Coach for both personal as well as corporate clients.

He is a graduate with an Arts degree in Economics, Public Administration and Sociology from Punjabi University. He holds an advanced post graduate diploma in computer programming and operations from the same university. He is a certificate holder in Oracle Relational Database Management Systems Administration. He also holds a Certificate of Proficiency (COP-P3) from the Kenya College of Insurance as well as a certificate in SPSS advanced data analysis certification from Easy Dial Research.

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