UpworkUpwork is a cloud-based global freelance jobs platform. It is purportedly the online workplace site that has the broadest coverage and the largest pool of employers and job finders.

With Upwork, businesses and freelancers alike vie for the best service with competitive prices. Both parties offer rates that are attractive to their audience to attract the finest projects and project makers. And to assist users to find what they are looking for, the application has a most robust search engine with a variety of filters to narrow down or to widen the search net.

Furthermore, Upwork ensures their users that they are protected from potential frauds or scams. The application has put in place policies that push for vigilance against potential fake employers or employees to protect the integrity of the site and its legitimate users. Those looking for freelancers and jobs on the platform can rest assured that they receive what is due to them.

Upwork Benefits

Expeditious Freelancer Search

Time is gold when a project awaits to be done. For employers on Upwork, they can rest assured that they do not waste time in ploughing through a long list of potential hires. The platform’s data science and algorithms enable them to narrow down their search so they can speedily and astutely find the best talent for the job.

Punctilious Reviewing & Hiring

Employers want the best freelancers for their projects and that is why Upwork provides a platform for meticulous freelancer search and profile reviewing. The application has features that enable businesses and individual employers to discover the best talent. Plus, employers can further screen candidates by setting up interviews with them. This allows them to verify whether the freelancer indeed has the right set of skills and qualities they are looking for.

Efficient Working Platform

After hiring, employers can get in touch with their freelancers via Upwork’s in-app messaging service. Here, they are able to send and receive files as well as give their feedback on the work done in real time. The platform also supports text and video communications for a more seamless exchange between employer and worker.

Additionally, Upwork also has mobile apps available for Android and iOS devices. With this, employers can get in touch with freelancers, review their work, and pay them on-the-go.

Work Verification

Freelancers are permitted to send billings to employers for every hour they work for hourly contracts. In this case, businesses and entrepreneurs can rest assured they are billed accurately by reviewing the freelancer’s Work Diary. This enables them to review and track billable time and check screenshots of a freelancer’s computer screen for verification. This feature ensures that employers pay only for the work they get and the right hours rendered.

Easy Protected Payments

With Upwork, employers can pay their hired freelancers as soon as the job has been reviewed. They have the ability to pre-fund their accounts to be able to automatically pay for services rendered. But if they prefer to pay through other means, the platform also supports credit cards payments and electronic payment gateway transactions. These options allow them to choose which is more convenient for them for greater financial protection.


22 February 2018


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