Our training programs aim to sharpen and transform individuals, individuals in positions of authority, team leaders or managers in organization, parents etc equipping them at all levels with the skills required to complement their expertise, thereby increasing their output and perform better. We offer programs that are practical, fun and relevant to the ever changing business environment.

We conduct both external and in-house training programs. Our external trainings run on two days while our in-house programs can be arranged on our client’s request. The in-house programs are flexible and are done on clients terms; i.e. Dates, timings and client’s convenient venue. The in-house programs are flexible and are done on clients terms; i.e. Dates, timings and at the client’s convenient venue.

We invest heavily in our product development to ensure that all our training are very practical, intensive and fun.

We engage highly qualified and experienced facilitators, who have the expertise in various fields. Our trainers are well qualified with hands on experience as consultants and are efficient.

We closely monitor our associates to ensure quality knowledge is passed on.

Our Niche Training Areas include:-

  1. Mindset Reprogramming - Discover the mind blocks stopping you from getting and attaining your dreams.
  2. Financial Freedom - Discover whats stopping you becoming a wealth creator, actualising your entrepreneurial spirit.
  3. Master Mind Power Group - Powerful accountable study and master mind groups formed based on thorough understanding the principles in "Think and Grow Rich", "Blue Ocean Strategy" and "Good to Great".
  4. Soft skill training

Personal Branding

Effective Sales Leader

Personal Branding

Developing of a “mark” around your personal name or career. Build your reputation and grow your network in a way that interests others...

Sales Leadership

Growth in leadership capacity is to take active steps to increase knowledge and processes to become a leader. You will learn the intricacies of quality leadership...

Personal Finance Management

Work-life Balance

Personal Finance

Control your spending and increase return on your investments.

Learn personal financial, goal setting, asset portfolio growth strategies, opportunities capitalization and be a wealth creator.


work life balance

Developing proper prioritization between "work" (career and ambition) and "lifestyle" (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development/ meditation)

Group Dynamics Management

Advanced MS Excel & Word

Group Dynamics

Do you have a team that delivers or do you have a pack of individual talents?

Identify and understand who you are as an organisation.

Stop using the MS Word and Excel software as a type writer. Learn the advance skill that will help automate your systems and stand out as the expert through the power of MS Office...

Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)

Web Applications Development

Looking for an expert in tabulating research data and get an accurate report of the facts on the ground. Talk to us for more details

Web Design

It's time to get yourself that web presence you have been dreaming. Turn your dreams into cash by doing what your love. Get the world to acknowledge your talent and expertise. Walk your talk and dream. Talk to us for more details

We provide both Professional and Consultancy Services in the field of Social Research and Web Technologies

We can provide single, customized and or all the above training programs for your team. Our packages include one or more of these different areas to suit your requirements.

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