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Our Rich Chest...

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Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich 21st Edition

Think and Grow Rich has been used by millions of business leaders around the world to create a concrete plan for success that, when followed, never fails.

Almost a century ago, one of the richest men in the world was the legendary industrialist, Andrew Carnegie, convinced that he had discovered the real secret of creating wealth, and commissioned a young reporter named Napoleon Hill to interview 500 of the richest people alive to see if they too had used this secret to create their fortunes.

Napoleon Hill spent the next twenty years meeting up with nearly every person on the list, and discovered that, without fail, they had followed the same simple blueprint for wealth. The book he eventually published, Think and Grow Rich, has become one of the bestselling non-fiction books of all time. The secret Carnegie and all the great achievers used to create riches in their lives was simply this:

All wealth is created with the human mind.

Look around you - how many things can you see right where you are sitting that began as a thought in someone's mind? Are you sitting on a piece of furniture? Are you inside a building or a train or on a bench? Even if you are sitting in a park, that park began as a thought in someone's mind. Do you drive a car, or travel by bus? At one time, oil was not considered to be of any use - it was essentially a waste product. Someone's mind turned it from a waste product into one of the most valuable commodities in the world today.

What will be the next big idea? More to the point, who will have it? Even more to the point, why not you? Often you will hear people say that the rich are just lucky, or that they work harder, or they are dishonest, but the truth is much simpler: The difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich have learned to recognize the value of their thoughts.

The principle build the philosophy of all personal success-whether it be measured in terms of Money, Power, Position, Prestige, Influence, or Accumulation of Wealth.

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Earn it & Enjoy it by Linda Proctor

“Earn It, Enjoy It”

Discover The 7 Powerful Wealth-Building Lessons That Have Led To Such Tremendous Levels Of Success And Wealth In The 34 Years I’ve Been Using Them…

And How YOU Can Begin Applying Them Immediately To Achieve Your Loftiest Financial Goals."The good life is expensive. There is another way to live that doesn’t cost as much but it isn’t any good.” ~ Spanish Distiller

Are you serious about wanting to earn a lot of money?

Do you want to live the good life that the Spanish Distiller referred to?

Then your first step is to read this book carefully and learn the 7 great lessons of wealth creation.

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The science of getting rich

The Science of getting Rich

“There is a Science of getting Rich, and it is an exact science, like algebra or arithmetic. There are certain laws which govern the process of acquiring riches; once these laws are learned and obeyed by any man, he will get rich with mathematical certainty.” – Wallace D Wattles

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praying hands


The Lords Prayer, Guide - Matthew 6:9 -13

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Online Business Quickstart Guide

Online Business Quickstart Guide

Start Your Own Company in 12 Actionable Steps

Do you dream of owning a business? Why haven’t you started one yet? Chances are, one of the biggest things that’s holding you back is a lack of clarity. The number of steps involved in the process can be overwhelming.

This guide will solve that problem for you! No longer will starting a business be a confusing dream. Instead, you’ll understand the specific steps you can take to turn your vision into a successful reality.

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Goals Brain Tracy


In the year 1900, there were five thousand millionaires in America.

By the year 2000, there were more than five million, most of them selfmade, in one generation.

Experts predict that there will be another ten to twenty million millionaires created in the next two decades.

Your goal should be to become one of them. This book will show you

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Double Your Income Doing What You Love

Double Your Income Doing What You Love

Whether you are an Olympic athlete going for Gold, a golfer determined to improve your game, a student working toward your degree, an up-and-coming entrepreneur wanting to launch a new business, or an individual motivated to lose weight, you’ve heard that when you focus your efforts on a specific outcome -a goal - you have a greater chance to bring it to fruition.

This book guides you on a path that supports the Law of Attraction.

You will soon enjoy your dreams coming true, your goals achieving themselves automatically.

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Organize Your Life And Goals

Better Personal Organization in 12 Life Areas

This workbook is divided into 12 life areas. These are the areas people generally want to improve - where they tend to set personal goals and objectives

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Money is Everywhere

Money Will Meet You At Your Demand

"Money is everywhere," but only to the degree that you have the consciousness of money.

Most people are like the man who drives around in low gear, not knowing that with just a little shift, he can not only go faster and speed up quicker, but he can do it with much less expenditure of power.

That's just like the money people who do less work, but who earn far more than "working people" do.

Money will meet your demand. Money is everywhere and will meet you at your demand

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Year Planner 2019.pdf


Year Planner 2019


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Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

A spiritually-based guide designed to stimulate the thinking of people who want to get on with living and not just existing.

How to re-find yourself and your purpose. For spiritual seekers on all paths.

Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning a law of cause and effect. A simple analogy is a perfectly just system of cosmic book keeping. Nothing goes unnoticed or unrewarded. Be it good or bad. If it’s not rewarded or ‘balanced’ in this life, I believe it will be in another.

I don’t believe life can possibly be a ‘once-off,’ but is rather one journey among many.

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